Monday, April 15, 2013

44 Reasons Why Not To Purchase Counterfeit Cosmetics

While reading news stories and blogs about fake makeup I was surprised to find that many beauty lovers were actively choosing to purchase imitation products. Many commenters were saying that the quality of their fake cosmetic was "just as good" as the genuine. I found this a little shocking, so after some research I decided to prepare a list of reasons why this is not good practice. 

  1. New York laboratories found some imitation MAC cosmetics contained dangerously high levels of lead which can cause nerve, memory, muscle, kidney, and brain damage.
  2. Past testing of counterfeit cosmetics has found dangerously high levels of aluminum which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Research conducted by Interpol found that some of the profits made from selling counterfeit cosmetics were used to fund drug smuggling.
  4. Imitation eye makeup is particularly dangerous as it can cause eye infections which can irreparably damage the eye.
  5. Laboratories have found that some of the dangerous materials contained in imitation cosmetics are strong enough to burn the skin.
  6. While the packaging may look similar, it is usually not up to the same standard as the genuine product; it will often break, the mirror will fall out, or the product won’t be secure.
  7. Some profits made from counterfeit cosmetics have been linked to illegal gun and weapon importation.
  8. Many fake makeup products contain very high levels of bacteria as they have not been manufactured in a sterile environment.
  9. Some money made from cosmetic counterfeiting has been linked to the funds used to make child pornography.
  10. Counterfeit cosmetics often contain harmful materials which can cause permanent scarring.
  11. Some fake MAC cosmetics have tested positive for Beryllium which is a carcinogen.
  12. Dermatologists have reported links between imitation cosmetics and facial cysts.
  13. Evidence has been found that some cosmetic counterfeiting profits are being used to fund terrorist activities.
  14. It is often difficult or impossible to return a fake cosmetic product.
  15. Some fake cosmetics have been found to contain high levels of sodium laurel sulfate which can cause hair loss and induce dermatitis.
  16. A Staffordshire laboratory found arsenic in some tested counterfeit cosmetics.
  17. Fake cosmetics can cause acne breakouts due to the high levels of bacteria in the products.
  18. Imitation cosmetics can often cause allergic reactions, leaving the face swollen, puffy, blotchy, and tender for hours or even days.
  19. Some money made from makeup counterfeiting has been found to fund people trafficking.
  20. It can cost a genuine brand up to half a million dollars to pursue legal action and take an individual counterfeiter all the way to court.
  21. The counterfeit product is typically not good quality and certainly not up to industry standard.
  22. Testing of fake cosmetics has found high levels of the dangerous metal cadmium which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, kidney damage, abdominal pain, and shortness of breath.
  23. In some countries, consumers pay even more for border seizures and custom taxes due to the number of counterfeit cosmetics attempting to get into the country.
  24. Counterfeit cosmetic distributors generally do not offer good customer service, or any of the perks you receive with a genuine seller.
  25. Imitation makeup is undercutting honest traders who put time, money, and energy into creating a safe and reputable product.
  26. Counterfeit cosmetics are not tested like genuine products are; they can therefore put as much or as many banned substances, harmful metals, and dangerous materials in their products as they please.
  27. Doctors are seeing an increasing number of patients with dermatitis caused by counterfeit cosmetics.
  28. Testing facilities have found high levels of mercury in forged cosmetics which can cause fatigue, memory loss, headaches, and small skin bumps which can burst and discharge.
  29. In the event of an allergic reaction, infection, or worse, it will be extremely difficult to get legal recourse as you have no idea who really manufactured the product.
  30. Investigations into counterfeit cosmetics take up valuable time of law enforcement agencies.
  31. Laboratories have found paint stripper and nail polish remover in counterfeit mascara and liquid eyeliner.
  32. Working conditions for producers of counterfeit cosmetics are not up to industry standard.
  33. Counterfeit cosmetics are costing trusted brands billions of dollars in not just sales, but in attempting to remove counterfeit products from the market.
  34. Some fake cosmetics have been found to be contaminated with fungi .
  35. Makeup counterfeiting is an intellectual property crime.
  36. Fake cosmetics negatively affect the number of jobs available for genuine brands and their distributors.
  37. Counterfeit cosmetics are particularly dangerous for pregnant women or women who are breast feeding as dangerous chemicals can be absorbed by the skin and enter the bloodstream.
  38. The ingredients in fake cosmetic products are unknown, so people with allergies will not know whether they are going to cause a potentially lethal reaction.
  39. The effect of counterfeit cosmetics is even more widespread; having economic consequences on a national level due to uncollected taxes.
  40. Counterfeit cosmetics have been found to be the cause of psoriasis which makes the skin appear flaky, scaly, red, with silver patches.
  41. Analysis of some counterfeit makeup products have found forty six times the permitted level of copper which can cause allergic reactions and vomiting.
  42. Fake makeup products are often unusable as counterfeiters focus on imitating the packaging; not the product, therefore the powders are often chalky or too hard, or the liquid is lumpy or dried out.
  43. Some replica cosmetics were found to have high levels of selenium which is a carcinogen.
  44. Treatment of skin and health issues caused by counterfeit cosmetics can cost consumers hundreds, if not thousands, to cure.

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