Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fake Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

I was new to America, and eBay, when I decided to buy the Naked 2 Palette. Naive and far too trusting, I thought that I would save some money and buy it online... ah, silly past me.

When it arrived in the mail and I realized it was a fake I contacted the seller, eBay, and PayPal, got my money back, and bought a real one from Sephora.

This is what I ended up with:

Top: Fake Naked 2 packaging  -  Bottom: Genuine Naked 2 packaging

Not much to say here. The counterfeiters did not even try to replicate the original packaging and they didn't include the lip gloss. If, however, you bought a fake Naked 2 Palette without the original packaging, it might be a little more difficult to determine that it was indeed a fake. 

Top: Fake Naked 2 packaging  -  Bottom: Genuine Naked 2 packaging

The fake is a slightly different shade and shows up more grey than brown. But if you didn't have a real one to compare it to, you probably couldn't tell. If you look a little more closely though, there are some differences.

Left: Fake Naked 2 lettering  -  Right: Genuiine Naked 2 lettering

If you look closely you will notice that the fake Urban Decay is written in a bold type face. This is most noticeable on the flick of the R. You may also notice on the fake one that the top of the U extends past the left hand side of the N. Whereas on the real one, the beginning of the N and the U are flush. 

Top: Fake Naked 2 packaging  -  Bottom: Genuine Naked 2 packaging

One of the easiest ways to tell if your Naked 2 Palette is fake is by looking at the top where it says "Urban Decay". The fake one is clearly poorly made, it is wonky, and it looks like there is glue keeping it together. It is not flush with the rest of the packaging, and it doesn't feel anywhere near the same quality as the real one.

Left: Fake Naked 2 packaging  - Right: Genuine Naked 2 packaging

The back of the palette also has some differences. The fake one has different text which is no where near identical to the real Naked 2 and, most importantly, the fake does not have a batch number.

Top: Fake Naked 2 Palette  -  Bottom: Genuine Naked 2 Palette

On first inspection the inside packaging and shades look pretty much the same. You may notice, however, that the packaging is slightly difficult to open and close, it gets jammed, and feels like cheap plastic rather than metal. The mirror is also not very good quality and looks like it may fall out of the palette. 

Top: Fake Naked 2 Brush  -  Bottom: Genuine Naked 2 Brush

The brushes are also quite easy to tell apart. The fake brush's bristles are much darker, and look almost black, rather than brown, at the base. The lettering on the brush is also around the wrong way. The blending end of the fake brush is also much more fluffy than the real Urban Decay brush. 

Left: Fake Naked 2 Palette  -  Right: Genuine Naked 2 Palette

Another simple way to tell if you got a fake is to look inside the palette and look at the circle indentations just under the mirror (beside the glare in the photo). The fake Naked 2 Palette has three small circles, whereas the real one has only two. 

Left: Fake Naked 2 Palette  -  Right: Genuine Naked 2 Palette

Finally, you can look at the shadows' names. The fake's text is clearly way off center and runs past where the shadow ends. This is particularly noticeable with Half Baked. 

Luckily for me I contacted eBay and Paypal and got a refund and now I've learnt my lesson and I won't buy makeup from eBay without doing my research and being 100% sure that it is genuine!


  1. This is a very good blog. After reading this i went and got my palette to have a look, mine is a fake! To start with i didn't think the shadow was all that good and people recommended wetting the brush before applying the shadow. Thinking now, if i had paid £36 for an eyeshadow palette i would want it to stay on without having to wet the brush or whatever. Glad i didn't pay full price for it but i have wasted money on a fake item that could have any ingredients in it! Definitely will not be using it again as it scares me to think what these are made of! Lesson learned, buy the real thing! If i cant afford it there and then i will just need to save or go for a cheaper alternative!!

  2. looks just like mine :)

  3. What did you pay for the fake one on ebay?

  4. Yup, just got mine on eBay. Should've known the price was too good to be true! I have the first authentic Naked pallette, and when I opened up the fake Naked 2 pallette, it was hard to open and really cheaply made. Then I put on the shadow and it wasn't NEARLY as pigmented as my first pallette. I've opened a case with eBay and ordered the REAL thing on Ulta.

  5. I got a fake Naked2 off Ebay as well :( The saddest part is, The price turned out to be almost the same as the original! I wanted to order mine off, but it's always out of stock! Stupid me, NEVER going to order makeup on Ebay no more!

    1. I bought mine from Ebay too.. It is the Fake one, but it works for me I mean the backging is a little different but the product(shadow) works good I mean I paid 25$ for it, and I repurchsed one last week.. buy the original one for 52-60$ u know!! big difference in the price...and they both works..

  6. Ohh thank you so much for this blog posting! I purchased one via eBay from a seller in Australia for AUD65 (the same actual price) that also comes with a lipgloss. However, I took a closer look on the fake and original packaging that you have on your blog and guess what? I am confident it was a fake. I asked the seller about the authenticity and I got a refund right away without even asking for one. So I guess it was a fake, afterall! =)

  7. Hi! I know this blog was from a while ago, but I'm having trouble figuring out if the palette I got as a Christmas gift is real or fake.

    Things that make me think it's real:

    1: I only have 2 circle indentations, not the 3 that is supposed to be in the fake one.
    2. When reading the text on the brush from left to right, the small end of my brush is on the right.
    3. My packaging doesn't look shoddy and glued together.

    Things that make me think it's fake:

    1. There is no batch number on the back.
    2. The names of the colors underneath are off center to the right.

    What do you think? I don't really want to ask my sister if she bought this on eBay or somewhere else because I don't want her to feel bad if it's not real :-P

    1. What did you end up doing?

      I feel bad, my best friend got this naked 2 palette off a facebook add for 10$ and when she gave it to me I blurted out it was fake I wish I hadn't.She was embarrassed and apologetic. I told her it was okay, because aside from the package you couldnt tell and for 10$ who cares. I have been collecting urban decay palettes for many years and instantly could tell it was not authentic. If you have to question it, it is indeed fake. Mine came with the brown poor packaged box and the lettering was also centered incorrectly with no batch number on the back as well and that was a red flag for me.

  8. I got mine on Ebay also- however they did not advertise it as Urban Decay. Nor did they show pics of the casing- so you can't say 'oh it's counterfeit'. They just listed it as an eyeshadow palette, which means there is no recourse. Also, it was $8.00...So overall mine was not a bad deal. I was just looking for some eyeshadow on the cheap to tide me over.

    But thanks for the info. I had been delighted when I opened the box. Good to know it is fake. I'll be more wary when buying on Ebay in the future. Like I have not been burned there before, alas. Drat the bargain huntress in me.

  9. Hi,
    I bought Naked 2 from Beauty Bay (in April 2014) and was puzzled if I received authentic one, because it came with 4 primer potions and not lip gloss. I sent email to the customer service of Urban Decay and they approved it I received authentic palette! Hope this is helpful info.

  10. I have a fake one as well as I mentioned in a reply. The only difference is mine did come in the champagne color packaging like the authentic one. I did come in the brown box. However, it does have only 2 indents not 3. The writing of names is centered incorrectly and you can tell authentic print is not the same. It looks similar but it is more standard. The authentic one has a bit more style to it. You can feel the the horrible plastic quality when you try to open does not have the stern metal feeling.

    Pro: if you spent money and read this blog, you live and you learn. If the price feels too good to be true it, is. One thing about Urban Decay, very rarely do prices on palettes go on sale. Especially, in department stores like macys,ulta, and sephora.

    So far, the palette, looks okay. I have not used the metallic colors. I was questioning the matte ones like foxy and tease. I own other palettes with matte colors and they turn out very well. Not too sure of the quality of the fake ones.

    but a swatch of real and fake one would be a fabulous touch to your blog.