Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review: Hydroxatone Liftalyze Eye-Lifting Serum

Hydroxatone's Liftalyze Eye-Lifting Serum is designed to reduce wrinkles and accelerate skin renewal.

I gave it a go, and was pleasantly surprised.

The product came out as a clear serum which was really light and fast drying. It felt cool on my eyes and it dried without leaving a residue which I really liked. It also left my eye area feeling quite tight and taut and was  moisturizing. 

It says it is to be used both morning and night, but I like to use a thick eye cream at night and a light eye cream that works under makeup in the morning. So this is the perfect eye cream for applying pre-makeup.  

But have I seen any difference in my fine lines? No, not really, I feel like it is working, but I'm yet to notice a difference. I think this may need more time though.

The Good Guide gives it a 7, so it shouldn't pose any risks for your skin. This is great site to check if you have sensitive skin, or want to avoid hazardous chemicals and parabens. It has also been dermatologist, allergy, and opthalmologist tested so as to assure that it is non-irritating which is obviously really important for an eye product.

If you are looking for an eye serum, and you like tightening and lifting eye moisturizers that might help with fine lines, I would definitely recommend picking up a sample.

You can purchase the Hydroxatone Liftalyze Eye-Lifting Serum from Ulta,, and

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