Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: MediBac Dermalogica Line

Dermalogica is obviously very well-known for their acne solutions, and after having absolutely no luck with any 'drugstore' products, I finally decided to give them a go. I went with the MediBac line, since it is designed for adult acne and I guess I'm a full-grown person now.

The medibac clearing skin kit comes with five products, plus I purchased the full-size cleanser. So I'll give you a quick run-down of what I thought about each product.

Sebum Clearing Masque: is a fairly bog-standard clay masque. It did a good job of pulling out oils, and making my skin feel completely clean.

Clearing Mattifier: is a silky product which prevents your skin from getting oily throughout the day. I liked that it contained salicylic acid, but I didn't like the feel of my skin after using it.

Overnight Clearing Gel: is a cooling gel that contains salicylic acid. I wouldn't buy this again simply because my boyfriend would complain that my face smelt like a dentist when we were lying in bed. 

Concealing Spot Treatment: is, like the name says, a spot treatment. This product has received a lot of bad reviews online, partly because it has this gross ashy-brown coloring.This product made me look like I was carrying some sort of incurable and terribly infectious disease.

Clearing Skin Wash: is a cleanser which is meant to be used twice a day. I got through the small bottle and about a tenth of the way into the big bottle before I decided that this wasn't for me. My skin wasn't responding; probably because it was yet another salicylic acid product like all every other drugstore cleanser I had ever tried before.


I have either finished or gotten rid of all the products now, and I probably won't repurchase any of them. There are better masques (Fango Face and Body), there are better spot treatments (MD Skin Care Correct & Perfect), and there may even be more effective cleansers, at a much cheaper price point, in your local drugstore. 

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